Rules & Booking

Rules to Play & Book the Dungeon


Purpose of Rent

A dungeon is mostly intended for rent for personal use:

  • personal BDSM/fetish plays;
  • photoshoots & video shoots;
  • video streaming & online plays;

Professional use is possible too but strictly limited to use without sexual intercourse!

Prohibited Activities

  • Any illegal activities;
  • Water sports, toilet practices;
  • Blood play or heavy medical play with blood involved (except Medical room);
  • Fire play & open fire candles; wax play is allowed with all the precautions & without leaving burning candles out of your hands;
  • Smoking and drugs of any kind (there is a veranda where you can smoke);
  • Strong alcohol (only wine is allowed);
  • Injections of any kind;
  • Sexual intercourse if rented by a professional.

Important Note

The dungeon does not have a bed, overnight stays are impossible, it is not a sex motel, take it into account.


BDSM Cage in Dungeon

Attendance of Dungeon Personnel

All rooms are lockable but a dungeon employee is always present in another room. In case some rules are broken (noise, public play), we have a right to terminate the rent without reimbursement.


The dungeon is located in the office building with rooms protected from noise. Anyway, strong noise like screaming is not allowed (a gag is available in each room).


The dungeon is located in the center of the city, and all visitors should keep discretion when entering it. No public play is allowed outside of the dungeon doors. No fetish wear is allowed before you enter the dungeon.

List of Toys

Before the play we will check the list of toys provided and ask you to sign the list. Once the play is over we will check all the toys by this list.

A detailed list of equipment available for use (free or for extra payment) can be checked here >>

Cleaning & Disposables


We will provide the following disposables:

  • Paper towels, wet tissues, 2 pairs of nitrile gloves;
  • Two clean cotton bath towels;
  • A big PVC sheet to cover surfaces;
  • Two bottles of water.

We do not provide nor sell condoms, lubricants, alcohol nor food.


We keep the dungeon clean & desinfected after each play. All the toys that we will provide you will be clean, desinfected & sterilized when applicable (either by ultraviolet or high temperature).

We expect you to take care of the cleanliness of the space:

  • Always cover a carpet & furniture that contact bare skin & genitals with a towel (will be provided)
  • Always use a PVC sheet to cover the carpet in case of a messy play (anal play, wax play etc.)
  • Do not put used toys back to their places! We need to clean all toys before that.
  • Wash with a soap any washable toy that may have body fluids on it after the play. We will do the rest of cleaning.

Booking Process

Lisbon BDSM dungeon


  • To book the space you need to fill in the application here >>
  • After the application we may request a small video interview (not obligatory, see details below).
  • Full prepayment should be made in advance to reserve your time. It is non-reimbursable in case you cancel/do not show up.
  • The reservation time starts from when you reserved it. If you are late, the reservation time will not be moved.
  • Any play preparation/toilet/shower is included in the reserved time. Cleaning toys after the play is not included. If you need 2 hours of pure play – rent 3 hours!
  • Rent is possible any day of the week, starting from 9am until 2am. Overnight booking is not available.


The dungeon is functioning behind closed doors, we run it safe & undisclosed. For that reason we ask you to fill in a detailed application, and if any doubts or questions, we may ask you to make a short video interview. This is not to ask you to disclose any personal/sensitive information.

We will not request any interview if:

  • you already booked with us before;
  • we met personally;
  • you can provide any social proof (e.g. non-empty fetlife account with some history);
  • you are recommended by someone who played at our place before;
  • if your application seems trustful & honest.


Room Rent

  • Minimum renting time is 2 hours – 70Euro;
  • each next hour is 30euro.
  • rates are for a couple (2 persons); if you plan to have 3+ people, request for a quote, the rate may be different depending on the number of people you want at the dungeon.
  • Prepayment should be made in advance to reserve your time. It is non-reimbursable in case you cancel/do not show up.
  • Shower can be used within the time of rent; it is charged (extra 10euro).

Equipment Rent

We divide all the equipment by 3 groups:

  • always available in the room (included in the rent);
  • can be taken from other rooms without extra fee (maximum 5 items, extra number is chargable);
  • can be taken from other rooms with extra fee.

There is also some light & sound recording equipment that can be rented.

Equipment description & rates can be seen here >>

Extra Services

Mistress Elena is always available for consulting and coaching, as well as double domme sessions. Dungeon rent is included.

  • femdom coaching tribute is 100Euro per hour;
  • domination session tribute stars from 180Euro per hour.
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