Toys, Furniture & Materials

Each room includes the furniture (visible on the photos) plus equipment that is always present in each room. The dungeon includes a lot of different toys & equipment, some of them are available for free (up to 5 items); some for free, but with a safety desposit; some are only available for an extra free. See the detailed description below.

Basic Room Equipment


Maiin Room Equipment

The main playroom includes the following toys:

  • Impact play: a crop, a leather paddle, a cane, a pair of leather floggers, 2 small faux leather floggers;
  • Bondage: a set of 4 faux leather cuffs; a leash, a collar; a hog-tie connector of cuffs; a set of belts (different sized) for full body bondage; cotton ropes; nylon ropes for cock bondage; 2 belts for the cage; a lock for the cage & 2 metal chains.
  • Other toys: a gag, a fur tickler, clothes pins, a strapon harness, a blindfold mask

The medical playroom includes:

  • Medical Check Tools: examination light, stethoscope (to measure blood pressure), percussor (neurological hammer), otoscope (to check ears), eye sight checking poster, wooden sticks to check the throat

Extra Equipment


We can provide the following toys without extra payment (up to 5 items):

  • Impact play: another leather crop, a wooden paddle without holes, a wooden paddle with holes, a tawse, a small vanished cane, a wooden hammer, a silicone flogger (for genitals), a slipper with a rubber sole, small office rubber loops.
  • Bondage: bamboos of different size, a hambler, a posture collar, a spreader, metal handcuffs.
  • Other toys: a mouth spreader, a pinwheel, nipple clamps of different type, metal finger claws, a cat claw
  • CBT: a parachute with weights, cali teeth ring with a lock.
  • Anal play: (strictly to be used with a condom!) silicone dildos on a sucking cup of different size, silicone anal plugs of different size and form, 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.

Following equipment is only provided in the medical room:

  • Sounding: (to be used in a medical room only) sounds of different type & size; a pack of a sterile lubricant; a pair of sterile gloves; alcohol pads.
  • Needles: (to be used in a medical room only) needles, all the materials needed for the safe piercing play.

For every toy from this list, in addition to free 5 items, we will ask 2euro per hour. 

Extra Equipment


Violet Wand Unit

There is expensive & vulnerable equipment that is only available for an extra charge:

  • Electrostim unit & electrodes: 10 euro per session, includes a unit and 3 electrodes (those available are silicone cock rings of different type, nipple clamps, balls silicone sack, a cock silicone cup, electrostim gloves, electrostim cock sleeves, a pinwheel).
  • Violet Wand machine: 10euro per session, includes a unit plus 6 glass electrodes.
  • Sex machine: 15euro per session, a F-Machine Pro (genuine brand, not a Chinese repliсa), with a metal plate to use any dildo on a sucking cup.
  • Sex swing: 5 euro per session, a suspendable swing with padded belts.

For every equipment from this list we will give you short instructions on how to use them.

Light & Sound Equipment


Light & sound equipment can be used for photoshoots, video shoots, online sessions & video streaming:

  • Soft box: 5 euro per session, a small soft box with permanent light, provides a nice soft result on photos, especially when put close to your face.
  • Ring light: 5euro per session, can be used together with a mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth microphone: 5euro per session, a microphone that can be used for video shooting of sessions without wires. Gives a great sound in movement.
  • Remote control: 3 euro per session, a remote to start photo & video shooting.

With this equipment you will be able to produce high quality photo & video materials without hiring a professional. Just install the light, set a microphone and use a remote control for shooting, using your mobile phone.

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